Ecotrition Bird Bath Spray with Molt Ease 8oz


Conditions skin, cleans softens and brightens plumage. Relieves minor skin irritation and removes dry scales which cause scratching and feather picking. With natural preen gland oil, lanolin and aloe vera.

Ecotrition Bird Bath Spray contains natural Preen Gland Oil, Lanolin and Aloe Vera for Vibrant, Healthy Plumage. When used on a regular basis, it conditions skin, softens and brightens plumage.

Contains preen gland oil for vibrant, healthy plumage
Deep-cleaning action
Relieves minor skin irritations
Helps alleviate excessive molting
Works well for all birds
The Ultra Care Bird Bath Spray relieves minor skin irritations, removes scales that cause scratching and feather picking, and also prevents excessive molting. The Ultra Care Bird Bath Spray provides deep cleansing action to keep your bird in top condition.

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